Alright Buzzfeed, we hear you! Here’s a first for our Secret Starbucks Menu! Our first drink named after a person!

And why does Ariana Grande get this special honor you might ask? Well, over the past few days we’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails linking to the lovely team over at Buzzfeed who sought out to create a Frappuccino made for the popular pop singer. Starbucks delivered as it often does and the Ariana Grande Frappuccino was created!

We love any creative Secret Menu beverages, but even more so when it comes with a great story presented and narrated with pictures and the most awesome description of flavor ever, a “DISCO TECHNO CIRCUS PARTY IN MY MOUTH”. Well done Buzzfeed, well done.

Without further adieu, you can order your very own Ariana Grande Frappuccino via the recipe below.